What is Duelbits VIP Lounge?

Duelbits VIP Lounge is an exclusive rewards program designed to reward and incentivize loyal players. As a member of the VIP lounge, you can take advantage of exclusive bonuses, such as Instant Bits and Daily Bits, as well as bonus rewards for leveling up. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and how you can join the Duelbits VIP club.

How to Join the Duelbits VIP Lounge

Joining the Duelbits Ace’s VIP Lounge is easy! All you need to do is wager on Duelbits and they will take it from there. Once you reach certain milestones in your wagering activity, you will be eligible for various levels within the VIP lounge. Reach out to Live Support for help if you have any questions about joining or if you would like more information about the benefits associated with each level.

VIP Benefits

The benefits of being a part of Duelbits Ace’s VIP Lounge are numerous! When you join, you will immediately qualify for Instant Bits, which are 10% of all your wagered house edge. You’ll also receive Daily Bits – 5% of all your wagered house edge – redeemable with just one press of a button!

And finally, when ready, Weekly Rakeback – also 5% of all your wagered house edge – will be redeemable with another press. Bonus rewards are also available on each progressive level within the program; each level rewards 12.5% house edge! Additionally, members will receive special offers from time-to-time that only they can avail themselves to.


Joining Duelbits  VIP Lounge is an easy way to access amazing rewards and bonuses that are not available to regular players. With just one click, you can claim instant bonuses and daily rakebacks that are sure to help increase your winnings over time.

Plus, each progressive level comes with its own set of rewards – so make sure to keep playing in order to maximize your earning potential! If you’re an avid player looking for ways to get extra out of your gaming experience then look no further than Duelbits VIP lounge – join today and start reaping the benefits!